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This is a collection of laws and regulations written during the early years of the independent Mongolian state and People's Republic of Mongolia (PRM) spanning 1917-1940. The collection was originally purchased for the Library of Congress by the American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) to include in the Library of Congress' Asian Reading Room Chinese/Mongolian collection. Before shipping the materials to the Library of Congress, the ACMS scanned a selection of items from the collection as part of the Local Archives and Libraries at Overseas Research Centers (LALORC) project funded by the US Department of Education TICFIA Program. The collection contains 36 books totaling 1,580 pages on a diverse set of laws and regulations. Most materials are written in Mongol Script, but each scan's metadata contains transliterations into Mongolian Cyrillic and translations into English of each scan's title. Other information about the contents of each scan is provided in the metadata fields.


  • ACMS Library (American Center for Mongolian Studies)

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